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Our Team

Turning Digital Marketing into Simple Science for Everyone.


Sophia Weston

Sr Account Manager


Louise Houghton-Campion

Finance, Operations & Team Manager


Kate Klevit

Junior Account Executive


Nina-Jade Jaspaul

Account Executive


Robert Spencer

SEO & Content Specialist


Gurmeet Jagdev

PPC Manager


Fabrice Reynolds

Full Stack Developer


Georg Keferboeck

Head of Digital Marketing


Robin Green

Founder & CEO


Rosie Richards

Junior Account Executive


Tamsin Carter

Social Media and Outreach Manager

An organisation's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage. Our core values -

Always learning and teaching

We operate on a flat organisational structure, no unnecessary layers, and a clear path for progression. The result is a straight forward team dynamic whereby employees are tasked with promoting those that are following their lead and consequently raising the standards of the whole team.

Using technology to innovate

We’re building innovative applications and bespoke solutions and solutions for clients to deliver growth faster, more transparently and at a lower cost. Our team understands the need to bridge the gap between business and technology and has a profound understanding of digital marketing, growth hacking through coding and performance management.

Taking the initiative

We only hire professionals that we believe have an innate passion for Digital Marketing and a real drive to develop themselves and those around them. Taking the initiative and being proactive with everything 1st Option Digital does is expected of every team member across the agency.