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The Name Game Hack

08/11/2019 by Colin McCleary In #GrowthHacks 0 Comments

In theory "naming" it is the most straight forward activity when building a business, create a product, or come up with a new service idea. In practice, however, it is not all that easy. This Hack helps you with picking the right name for your business, product or service.

The Decoy Effect Hack

06/11/2019 by Rebecca Evans In #GrowthHacks 0 Comments

Learn how to steer your potential customers towards the right package that maximises your profits while offering your clients the most value, so they become brand advocates.

The 5-Second Test Hack

02/11/2019 by Georg Keferboeck In #GrowthHacks 0 Comments

Many businesses and organisations, especially smaller ones with a restricted budget, find it challenging to build websites customers can connect with. Here's a simple hack to work around your budget constraints.

The CAC Hack

21/08/2019 by Georg Keferboeck In #GrowthHacks 0 Comments

They say money makes the world go around, and in business that is undoubtedly true. In this hack, we’ll discuss how to benchmark your cost per acquisition target, so you know exactly how much you’re spending on each customer.

The Landing Page Hack

23/07/2019 by Rebecca Evans In #GrowthHacks 0 Comments

Affirming your grand Business idea in less than 60 minutes utilising the Landing Page Hack. A simple yet effective method of testing the waters.